CZWKA Technical Committee

The Technical Committee of CZWKA preserves the technical standards of JKF Wado Kai by providing technical seminars and conducting examinations for black belt up to 3rd degree and for 4th kyu instructors.

Norma Foster


Founding President of Canada JKF Wado Kai

Norma Foster is the only woman in the world to have achieved JKF Wado Kai 7th Dan. In the internationals all-styles arena she was the first woman to become a World Karate Federation (WKF) Referee and Kata Judge, paving the way for other women around the world to aspire to and achieve these qualifications. She was the first woman to be appointed to the WKF Referee Council and the first Chair of the WKF Gender Equity Committee, which became the current WKF Womens’ Sport Committee. She started studying karate in 1969 and spent eight years in Tokyo studying Wado karate with Mr. Toru Arakawa and Dr. Hideho Takagi.

She was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and currently resides in Vancouver, Canada.


Richard Mosdell

Like a tennis or golf pro, Richard Sensei is a career karate pro with over 25 years of coaching, training and competing experience at provincial, national and international levels. He is a 5th degree black belt with the Japan Karate Federation Wadokai, and during his 10 years learning karate in Japan, he was the head karate coach at Seiritsu Gakuen High School’s famous karate club, the oldest in Tokyo. In 1995 he also founded the first Kenzen club in Vancouver.

Richard Sensei is a former BC Junior Team head coach, provincial athlete, Canadian Sport Institute student and karate instructor for Vancouver & Victoria recreation centres. He teaches karate during local school PE classes weekly, authored a Japanese manga in English on karate in Japan ( and he is a PhD candidate with the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Peace & Conflict graduate program.

Currently, Richard is also a volunteer director at large on the Karate BC executive, chair of the high-performance committee and provincial sport advisor for karate in the BC Games.

bnashBob Nash – Technical Advisor

7th Degree black belt and 2nd Kyu Instructor, JKF Wado Kai.  Born, Yokohama Japan where he grew up as Wataru Shibata. He started training in Wado with Dr Hideho Takagi (8th Dan) at the age of six and remains very committed to Dr. Takagi, a world-renowned karate technician and member of the JKF Wadokai Technical committee. Nash sensei is the Chief Instructor for Wado Guseikai USA, an organization associated with Dr Takagi, and serves on the United States National Karatedo Federation Technical committee. He shares his vast wealth of Wado knowledge through teaching seminars worldwide. He currently lives near Seattle Washington, USA


_JPG4101Barry Welch, formerly head instructor of Guseikai Calgary Wado Group in Calgary Alberta I am now teachng in Ottawa. I am very proud to say I am one of the founding members of Canada JKF Wado Kai along with Norma Foster, Simon Raybold, Roger Bartosh and Flavio Lamanio.
Before moving to Calgary I have had successful karate clubs in Fredericton NB and P.E.I.
My activities with our association, CZWKA board member as a communications officer, technical committee, 3rd kyu instructor NCCP 1 and a JKF Wado Kai 5th Dan.


Peter Stoddart

6th Degree black belt

3rd Kyu Instructor

Former (current?)  head coach for Karate BC.