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Saikai Wado Kai teaches the traditional style of Wado Ryu.  Saikai Wado Karate Club is located East of Toronto, and is registered with the Canadian ZenKuRen Wado Karate Association (CZWKA), a member of the Japan Karate Federation (JKF) WadoKai. The CZWKA is affiliated to the JKF Wado Kai which is located in Tokyo, Japan. The Japan Karate Federation is the only organization recognized by the Japanese government to represent karate in Japan. The CZWKA, under the leadership by Sensei Norma Foster (7th Dan), is the only official Wado-Kai group recognized in Canada.

Sensei Neill Hudson, head instructor has a vast amount of knowledge and experience teaching karate to people of all ages. And has a wide range of classes from teaching our Little Ninja’s from 4 – 6 years old youths 7 to 12 years old, teens, adults/parents. Neill is also First Aid/CPR certified.


Sensei Neill Hudson

Sensei Neill Hudson is a Forth (Yodan) degree black belt SKW, England, and 3rd Dan JKF Wado-Kai.

he has over 30 years of Wado experience.

Sensei Hudson has represented England at multiple regional, national and International Championships in Kata and Kumite, countless podium finishes.

European Champion 1996, British Champion 2001.

 And Canada at the 2015 World Wado Championships in Japan,

The most exciting time in my Karate career

was becoming…….

‘Masters Kata World Wado Champion’


Sensei Neill Hudson, has trained under some of the most respected instructors in the world.

just to name a few:

Arakawa Sensei 9th dan JKF – JP

Takagi Sensei 8th dan JKF – JP

Sensei Norma Foster 7th dan JKF – CAN

Sensei Robbie Smith 7th dan JKF – NZ

Colin Clapperton 8th dan – Sco

Barry Wilkinson 8th dan – Eng

John Morton 8th dan – Eng

here are some other Instructors I have train with and admire:

Sensei Barry Welch – Can

Sensei Gary Needham – Eng

Sensei Jamie Jewell – Eng

Sensei Peter Stoddard – Can

Sensei Simon Raybould – Can

Sensei Callum Mclay – Sco