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Ikebukuro Sports Center

  • Kami Ikebukuro 2-5-1, Toshima-ku Health Plaza (Dojo) 9th floor
  • 8 minutes walk from Ikebukuro Station


Japan Karate Federation Wado Kai

  • The JKF Wado-Kai is an internationally renowned Karate organization consisting of 1,350 branches within Japan and 250 groups outside Japan(including registered branches). Around 180,000 of 850,000 members hold black belt ranks.
  • The Technical Department manages examinations to achieve various qualifications, sets standards and implements planned seminars so that practitioners will meet these technical standards.
  • Contact by email here

Guseikai Takagi Dojo

  • Seiwa Elementary School: Sundays (from 18:00)
  • Hosei Elementary School: Tuesdays (from 19:00)
  • Nishi Sugamo Elementary School: Fridays (from 19:00)
  • Toshima Ku Sports center; free training: Saturdays (from 18:00)

Shiramizu Karate Club

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