Section No. 1.00: GOVERNANCE

Policy No. 1.01: Board of Directors

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Position Descriptions and Legal Requirements

Approval Date: June 2020



Canada Zenkuren Wado Karate Association (CZWKA) operates in accordance with its constitution and Bylaws under the Societies Act through a governance model implemented by an elected volunteer Board of Directors.


The Board of Directors will comply with policies and procedures within the guidelines of the British Columbia Societies Act and with the following:

  • Rights of the members
  • Confidentiality requirements
  • Reporting requirements
  • Financial reporting and audits
  • Contractual agreements
  • Licensing requirements
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Risk management
  • Health and safety

Specific job descriptions of Board positions are developed to support board performance. The Board of Directors will maintain legal compliance with all applicable statutes and provisions of the Societies Act. The Board will be comprised of members that are elected by the membership for a three year term on alternating years to ensure continuity. The Board will meet at least twice each year or as required, at the request of the President or any two Directors.

The Board of Directors has direct responsibility for:

  • Establishing and maintaining the legal existence of CZWKA
  • Maintaining the integrity and technical quality of Wado Karate
  • Ensuring the creation, implementation and evaluation of the Strategic Plan
  • Annual review, approval and evaluation of status with respect to the Strategic Plan
  • Formulating policy
  • Developing and implementing funding strategies
  • Approving the budget and overseeing financial accountability
  • Promoting CZWKA and its programs
  • Supporting the CZWKA membership
  • Establishing regular board and committee meetings to accomplish the work of CZWKA
  • Supporting promotional projects, special events and fund-raising activities
  • Responding to communications and complaints that have passed through due process such as member grievances and ethics violations
  • Periodically reporting activities and outcomes to the membership

Board of Directors Roles and Responsibilities


  • Represents CZWKA with the public, Provincial Government, Karate Canada, Japan

Karate Federation Wado Kai, sport, recreation groups and other stakeholders

  • Ensures that CZWKA responsibilities and objectives are implemented
  • Makes decisions in emergency situations
  • Coordinates the development and implementation of goals and policies
  • Chairs and conducts the Annual General Meeting and all Board of Directors meetings
  • Is an ex-officio member of all committees and/or sub-committees
  • Summarizes points of discussion and states the correct wording of all formal motions that are voted on at board meetings and the AGM
  • Signs legal documents and cheques along with the Treasurer on behalf of CZWKA
  • Represents CZWKA at official functions and acts as a spokesperson
  • Maintains close ties with the Committees regarding ongoing operations
  • Submits a written Annual Report for the AGM

Membership Director

  • Gathers feedback from members
  • Coordinates registrations with Martial Member for CZWKA clubs


  • Maintains full and accurate accounts of all CZWKA receipts and disbursements
  • Disbursement of CZWKA funds as directed by the Board of Directors
  • Maintains accurate records for auditors.
  • Provides interim financial reports as required.
  • Provides detailed financial information for grant applications as required.


  • Prepares Annual General and Board of Directors meeting minutes in consultation with the President.
  • Prepares the annual report and grant application forms under the direction of the President and in consultation with the Treasurer.
  • Collects agenda items from the Board, at least 7 days before a regular meeting
  • Facilitates communication among members of the Board

Directors-at-Large (maximum three)

  • Committed to the purpose, policies and programs of CZWKA
  • Attends regular board meetings and participates in achieving the goals of the Strategic plan
  • Serves on committees as required
  • Maintains confidentiality regarding the business of the Board
  • Understands their legal responsibilities under The Societies Act
  • Assumes responsibility and accountability for tasks assigned by the Board of Directors.

Code of Ethics

All CZWKA Board members will be required to sign a Code of Ethical Conduct agreement within one week of being elected to the board.

Board of Directors Requirements for Election

Director candidates will be members in good standing with CZWKA. Good standing refers to having submitted a clear criminal check and up to date membership dues.

Membership of CZWKA shall be defined as per CZWKA bylaws under the Societies Act of British Columbia.

Responsibility of: Board of Directors

Monitored by: Executive Director

References: CZWKA By-laws

Societies Act of British Columbia:

Policy: 1.03 Board of Directors Code of Ethical Conduct

Appendix: 1.03 Board of Directors Code of Ethical Conduct Agreement

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