Section No. 1.00: GOVERNANCE

Policy No. 1.04: Signing Authority

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Approval Date: June 2020



CZWKA will establish a signing authority that will delineate an approval process to sign documents or cheques on behalf of the organization.


The President together with the Treasurer have the authority to authorize capital expenditures within policy limitations set by the Board of Directors. Funds for contracted goods and services will be expended appropriately for an intended purpose.

Contracts and signing authority

The President with the Treasurer may sign as an authorized signatory on behalf of CZWKA on contracts for services with federal, provincial and municipal governments and other funding organizations provided that the program initiatives are consistent with the mission of CZWKA. In the absence of the Treasurer and President the Board of Directors will delegate an alternate signing authority from among the directors as required

Contracts will be managed to ensure compliance with policies, applicable laws, regulations and CZWKA policies. Operations will protect the organizations name, image and reputation.

Check-signing authority

Checks will require the signature of both the Treasurer and the President for amounts equal to or in excess of $1000.

Checks will require the signature of either the Treasurer or the President for amounts below $1000.

Expense Approval

Expense approval is required from the Board of Directors for amounts exceeding $1000. Accurate documentation is required in the form of original receipts for all reimbursement of expenses. Expenditures may include equipment, honoraria, mileage/travel, accommodation and meals.

Responsibility of: President and Treasurer
Monitored by:
Board of Directors