CZWKA Strategic Plan

Board Approval Date: April 21, 2024

Effective Dates: March 2023 to March 2026

Vision Statement

Canada Zenkuren Wadokai Association (CZWKA) is the premier JKF Wado Kai organization in Canada and is recognized for providing the Highest Quality of Technical Training/Support, Products and Solutions to all of its members.

Mission Statement

The CZWKA is committed to Increasing the number of clubs and the membership by providing the Highest Level of Advanced Technical skill training, promoting its member clubs and providing organizational support and communication about provincial, national and international events, technical seminars and competitions.

Organization Value Statement

The CZWKA Core Values are ingrained principles that guide the actions and behavior of all our members.

Act and communicate honestly and transparently with all members, parents, officials, coaches, and others.

We actively encourage participation for all.

Life-long Learning
We continually strive to improve technical understanding and impart learning to others.

Mutual Respect
We respect and accept each other as individuals and recognize that different and unique perspectives can result in completeness.

Promote positive aspects of individual wellbeing, community and social involvement generated through participation in karate.

Continually strive to provide and apply 7 principles of communication: clarity, timeliness, coherence, conciseness, correctness, courtesy and completeness by listening, clarifying, understanding and confirming.

Goals and Plan of Action

Objective Plan of Action Prime Lead
Development Advance technical skills of Individuals and
the association as a whole
Strengthening Connections Improve Internal and External
Events Promote activities that provide positive
experiences to members
Capacity Building Take steps to ensure leadership succession
to promote the technical stye of Wado
Growth Take steps to grow the membership Volunteer

The prime lead for each objective and plan of action has identified a number of actions required within their respective area of responsibility. Club leads and members of the CZWKA are encouraged to contact prime leads regarding any questions, concerns, suggestions and/or to volunteer to assist.