Section No. 2.00: ORGANIZATIONAL

Policy No. 2.04: Risk Management

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Approval Date: June 2020



CZWKA will strive to minimize risk at all times through risk assessment and planning.

Safety will be a priority for all CZWKA member clubs and organizational sponsored events and activities.


CZWKA will ensure that measures will be taken to ensure that all member clubs maintain safe practices for all. Procedures for conducting risk assessments and implementing risk control measures are in place at all clubs.

Risk Assessment

CZWKA complies with applicable laws and regulations by assessing risk and implementing risk control measures at least on an annual basis. The Board of Directors will review potential risk and identify areas of concern quarterly as part of strategic planning process to reduce loss exposure. Additional risk assessments and risk control measures may be implemented if a significant change in the environment presents new hazards. Risk management strategies may include modifications to activities, implementing specific procedures and training. Shared liability with another contractors or organizations and contracting the service to another appropriate business or services may be considered to minimize risk.

Member clubs must participate in risk assessments and the implementation of risk control measures.

Risk is assessed as follows:

  • Potential risk of injury due to practice or in competition
  • Effectiveness of procedures to prevent injury
  • Potential risk from hazardous materials and substances
  • Health, environmental, and structural conditions
  • Equipment
  • Potential risk of aggression and/or harassment
  • Safe training and coaching

Risk Controls

Risk control measures will be identified to offset risks found through risk assessments. Action plans will be developed to implement the recommended measures.

All events such as seminars and tournaments will be planned and executed with member safety as a priority. This includes the following:

  • Ensuring that insurance coverage is adequate to protect the board of directors, members, volunteers and visitors while engaging in CZWKA classes, events and activities
  • Considering safety as the priority in all decisions regarding the ability of an injured student competitor or athlete to continue training or competing
  • Ensuring all member clubs have adequate liability insurance
  • Ensuring that all training areas are clean, safe and appropriate for training,
  • Ensuring that all members clubs have an emergency plan in place to deal with unforeseen circumstances that might arise during routine training,
  • Ensuring that all training venues have a basic First Aid kit on hand,
  • Ensuring that at least one person in each CZWKA club has valid basic First Aid, Sport Aid and CPR certifications
  • Providing competent medical practitioners for the diagnosis, treatment and management of medical and psychological problems of students, competitors and athletes while engaging in CZWKA activities
  • Ensuring that any member who has suffered a medically confirmed concussion has signed authority from a physician allowing them to return to activity.

Responsibility of: All Members

Monitored by: Board of Directors

References: Karate Canada Concussion Policy

Policy: 3.04 Harassment and Bullying