Section No. 3.00: MEMBERSHIP

Policy No. 3.01: Member Application

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Membership to CZWKA is open to all clubs who practice Wado Karate defined as a martial art of
Japanese origin according to the vision of the JKF WADO KAI and CZWKA bylaws under the BC
Societies Act.

Clubs will remain in good standing and abide by the bylaws, policies and procedures of CZWKA.

Wado Karate is distinguished from other styles of Karate by its foundation and development in Japan, where it is now regarded as a Modern Budo (Martial Art). According to the terms of membership, members are required to abide by the technical, behavioural and ethical standards of the CZWKA.

The key requirements for new membership in CZWKA are that a Chief Instructor:

  • Undertakes a practical review by the CZWKA Technical Committee to demonstrate that Wado Karate of Japanese origin is practiced and taught in their club, thus ensuring that technical standards are met and maintained.
  • Provides a current Criminal Records Check upon registration and then subsequently maintains the Criminal records Check within required timeframes,
    Obtains basic NCCP certification within the first year to comply with provincial guidelines.
  • Signs and upholds CZWKA Code of Ethical Conduct upon being accepted as a member.

The Secretary will send a Membership Application form to a club that has expressed interest in membership to the CZWKA,

  • The prospective member will return the completed application form to the CZWKA Secretary
  • The Secretary will send a letter acknowledging receipt of the application stating that it will be processed within 30 days,
  • Applications will be forwarded to the Membership Director, who will have 14 days to approve the application or express any concerns to the Secretary,
  • The Secretary and the Membership Director will make recommendations to the Board regarding membership eligibility, which will make the final decision regarding acceptance of the application.
  • The chief instructor of the prospective club will include with the application, a copy of a practical (not honorary) black belt certificate at a minimum of 1st Degree with  brief history of their lineage and a satisfactory, current Criminal Records check.
  • The Chief instructor will be expected to demonstrate their Wado technical competence before the CZWKA Technical Committee in a proscribed format provided to the candidate by the CZWKA Technical Committee
  • If accepted, the Chief Instructor is required to become NCCP Instruction Beginner Certified within the first calendar year of membership.
  • The Chief Instructor will be required to sign a Code of Ethical Conduct (See Appendix).
  • The Chief Instructor will receive a copy of the Policy and Procedures and be required to sign an acknowledgment of compliance.


  • Upon acceptance, the new member club will have access to all services of CZWKA and may participate in any capacity at CZWKA events and vote at the AGM. New members may run for elected positions on the CZWKA Board from the start of their second year of membership.
  • All new Chief Instructors will submit copies of all pertinent black belt certificates including their current and previous Dan ranks to CZWKA Membership Director and inform the Membership Director of any Dan upgrade to ensure records are updated in the CZWKA database.
  • Acceptance of a club means that all of its members are members of CZWKA and are obligated to pay annual dues to CZWKA.
  • The Chief Instructor will be required to read the CZWKA Policy and Procedures Manual.
  • The Chief Instructor must register all club members on Martial Member. Unregistered members may be suspended for a defined period, suspended indefinitely, or their membership may be revoked. An exception is seasonal programs and camps of up to seven days.
  • A new club will be expected to have its members participate in a seminar conducted by a member of the CZWKA Technical Committee within one year.
  • The Secretary will inform the new club of its confirmed status as a full member of CZWKA.
  • When a Chief Instructor of a club for which membership was previously suspended or revoked applies for re-admission to CZWKA, the application will be sent directly to the CZWKA Board of Directors for review.


  • When there is a change of Chief Instructor, a club representative will inform the Membership Director of CZWKA in writing and provide the name, black belt certificate copy and Criminal Records Check of the new Chief Instructor.
  • The time period for the completion of NCCP certification may be extended by the CZWKA Technical Committee in the event of a change in Chief Instructor. SUSPENSION OF PRIVILEGES
  • Chief Instructors are required to present a copy of updated black belt certificates during annual member registration of any given year. Failure to do this may result in fines or probation until the appropriate document is presented.
  • Chief Instructors who operate several clubs must register each separately. Failure to do this may result in result fines or probation.
  • Clubs on probation due to non-compliance with CZWKA policies will receive a warning either electronically or by post warning them that all privileges for all members of the club will be suspended for X amount of time Members who do not respond to this communication will receive a second warning, either electronically or by post informing them that all privileges will be revoked and their membership in CZWKA will be cancelled starting from the following fiscal year.


A Wado Ryu black belt certificate is considered credible when it is obtained by practical examination conducted by the JKF Wado Kai Technical Committee or the CZWKA Technical Committee.

A Wado Kai black belt certificate is considered credible when it is obtained after practical examination conducted by an official grading board of Wado Kokusai (Suzuki) or Karatedo Wado Ryu Jujutsu Kenpo (Ohtsuka).


  • All new applicants regardless of the source or degree of their black belt must undergo practical review by CZWKA Technical Committee.
  • A Karate Canada black belt certificate is accepted without practical examination at the level stated on the certificate. Should other members of a new club wish to be recognized at a specific black belt level then they must undergo a CZWKA Dan test.
  • All students of a new club with black belts must meet the guidelines for black belt verification within two years.
  • Applicants may be accepted on a provisional basis upon compliance with any of the above but must obtain a JKF WADO KAI SHODAN within the first year of membership.

All Chief Instructors must register their club(s) and members online using Martial Member.
The log in will be provided by the Membership Director.

The Membership Director will notify the members to renew their membership at the start of each calendar year and include a fee due date. Clubs registering before the due date will benefit from a 10% reduction in individual member dues.

Instructors and their students are required to purchase a CZWKA passport valid at any CZWKA club. The passport is proof of CZWKA membership and a personal record of achieved ranks. It should be presented at all Kyu and Dan tests and is signed and dated by the club Chief Instructor up to and including 1st Kyu. Thereafter, the CZWKA Technical Committee chair or the JKF Wado Kai Technical Committee representative will sign and date passports belonging to successful Dan candidates. CZKWA passports or replacements can be purchased from the Membership Director at any

Club instructors may conduct kyu examinations up to and including 1st Kyu at their own discretion, but usually no more than three per year.
Club instructors must sign and award CZKWA Kyu certificates to successful candidates. Kyu certificates can be ordered from the CZKWA Membership Director at any time, including at annual member registration.

The Membership Director will monitor payment of club fees and contact any clubs in arrears in writing electronically, notifying them of penalties that have been levied for missing the deadline.
Membership in CZWKA may be suspended until such time when dues are paid. A copy of this communication may be forwarded to any employers, community centers, recreation centers or private clubs where CZWKA clubs operate.

Clubs with outstanding fines not paid within 90 days will be suspended for the balance of the membership year.
Responsibility of: Technical Committee, Membership Director
Monitored by: Board of Directors

References: Societies Act of British Columbia
Policy: 3.01 Member Application
3.03 Member Registration
3.04 Code of Ethical Conduct
3.04 Policy and Procedures Acknowledgement
Appendix: 3.01 Membership Application