Section No. 3.00: MEMBERSHIP

Policy No. 3.02: Member Services

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Approval Date: June 2020



CZWKA will provide its members with standards, support and opportunities to enhance growth, development and safety in all facets of Wado Karate.


CZWKA will provide access to a range of nationwide Wado-related programs, services and technical support that are accessible to all.

CZWKA instructors will demonstrate high technical standards in all facets of karate and expect high behavioral standards of their members. The following measures will assist them to deliver karate programs according to current guidelines governing safe sport development. The CZWKA Technical Committee will ensure that Club Instructors have sufficient technical knowledge and understanding of Wado karate to be able to teach it effectively. They will be obligated to achieve specified levels of National Coaching Certification (NCCP) relative to the nature of the club they operate. Chief instructors will also be expected to adhere to the guidelines of the Sport Canada Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD).

Insurance and Safety

All CZWKA karate clubs must partner with their provincial sport governing bodies (PSO) to obtain liability insurance up to $5,000,000 for all members. This is included in the annual membership fees of PSO. All members of CZWKA in a registered club are automatically insured when registered with their PSO and in good standing. Other liability insurance of equal coverage will be acceptable.

Coverage must include legal liability for injury to participants, personal injury including libel and slander, a non-owned automobile and coverage for practices, competitions and team travel for all participants including managers, coaches, executives and officials throughout the entire year.


CZWKA will offer technical seminars for the following:

  • High-performance seminars for kata and kumite athletes, coaches, officials to improve understanding of the sport aspect of karate
  • Non-competitive Wado technical kata and kumite seminars to deepen understanding of the Japanese Budo aspect of Wado karate
  • Shindo Yoshin Ryu seminars to deepen understanding of the technical foundation of Wado karate
  • Self-defense seminars for the practical applications of classical karate
  • Camps and seminars for youth and children


CZWKA partnering with PSO provides opportunities to participate in:

  • Regional, Provincial and National Championships that are organized, sanctioned and run according to WKF rules with local modifications.
  • All Karate referees and judges at the above events will be least provincially qualified and certified and are supervised by those having Pan American Federation (PKF) or World Karate Federation (WKF) licenses.

Team Opportunities

Participation in competitions at the Zone level will provide opportunities for athletes to enter local training sessions and competitions as well as Provincial competitions and the possibility of becoming a provincial team member.

Provincial team members participate in National Championships, where the Canadian National Team is selected. Membership in the provincial team provides province-wide opportunities to engage in high-performance growth and development through access to current sport models and the best karate coaches and managers.

Canadian National Team members can participate in Pan American Karate Championships and WKF events (subject to selection and performance outcomes).

The provincial team travels to competitions across Canada where they can test their skills against athletes from other provinces.

Community Programs

CZWKA partners with community-based programs.

Fit for Defense: PowerED Programs

These programs are offered in the community for children, youth and seniors. They are anti-bullying and violence prevention programs that teach assertiveness, self-protection and fitness as means to improve safety, build confidence, and develop life skills. The program offers certification training for martial arts instructors at discounted rates for CZWKA members.

Sports on Mats

Introduces karate to young school children.

Para Karate Program

Fosters the growth and development of athletes with physical or mental challenges

Provincial Athlete Assistance

Supports high-performance athletes to represent the provinces and Canada in international competition

Responsibility of: Board of Directors and Technical Direction
Monitored by:
Board of Directors


References: Provincial Team Handbook

Policy: 3.01 Member Application