Section No. 3.00: MEMBERSHIP

Policy No. 3.03: Member Registration

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Approval Date: June 2020

Revised: January 2022


All members of all CZWKA will be required to register their club memberships and pay annual dues to the association.


The Membership Director sends annual membership renewal notices and information electronically, accepting and processing payments and communicating with members.

CZWKA clubs are required to register all their members every year as a condition of good standing. The Chief Instructors of all clubs are responsible for registering their membership online at Martial Member, ensuring that their club databases are current and that all their members pay dues in a timely fashion to remain members in good standing. The deadline for registration and payment of annual dues is midnight January 31 of each year unless otherwise indicated by the Membership Director. Late fees will apply. Exceptions will be approved by the Membership Director.

Clubs that do not register all their members every year will be considered non-compliant and withdraw from CZWKA. The Chief Instructor would notify CZWKA in writing regarding the circumstances within 30 days.

A club with revoked membership standing will reapply to the Membership Director for membership renewal consideration.

Responsibility of: Membership Director

Monitored by: Board of Directors



Policy: 3.02 Member Services