Guseikai Karate Vancouver


Dojo Information Wado Ryu uses the force of the attacker against him (or her…), combining kicks and punches from Okinawa karate with the soft yielding techniques, joint locks, and throwing techniques of jujutsu. The name wado has two parts: ‘wa’ and ‘do’. ‘Wa’ is a word that means something like ‘harmony’ or ‘peace’. Harmony

Pacific Spirit Wado Kai


Dojo Information About the Dojo Dojo Name Pacific Spirit Wado Kai Karate Contact Email Address 3525 24 Ave W Vancouver, BC V6S 1L5 Chief Instructor Sensei Marta Adamovich Instructors Name Contact Email Sensei Marta Adamovich Sempai Lawrence Liang Sempai Graham McConkey Other Information We are a family

Squamish Budo Society


Dojo Information About the Dojo Dojo Name Squamish Budo Society Contact Email Phone 1-(604)848–4401 Address 38109 2nd AvenueSquamish, BC V8B 0T7 Contact Person Carl DuMerac Chief Instructor Sensei: Peter Stoddart Chief Instructor Sensei: Peter Stoddart JKF Wado Kai Examiner Certification Double Gold Medalist 2008 Wado Kai World Championships Dojo :

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