Four people from Brantford Bushido attended the 1st North American Wado Kai Invitational Championships held in Vancouver August 2 to 4th.

At this event the 4 attending members participated in both training sessions on Friday August 2nd. On Saturday Aug 3rd, three members participated in training during the morning and another member participated in a volunteer role assisting with paper work for the upcoming gradings.

The biggest accomplishment was by Helene Caron. She not only endured the training sessions, and passed her Nidan exam, but she went on to compete on Sunday Aug 4th, won in Kata and earned the Gold medal for Women over 40 North American Kata Champion!!!

For our group attending, we were re-inspired by the people the training and the support shown throughout our association. Meeting new people as well as reconnecting with other members within North America, helps to keep that keen sense of unity alive.

Our passion for the sport was reignited and we were allowed the opportunity to speak with more people about how they run their clubs and classes.

Helene accomplished the most amazing of feats, met and exceeded her personal goals………. Some of us simply needed the shot in the arm from being among so many talented people willing to share their knowledge, passion and friendship.

It is an amazing group we are privileged to a part of!!!!

On Behalf of the Bushido Brantford,

We are very appreciative and thankful for the continued support by CZ.

Cathy Ritchie