May 22, 2022 Technical Seminar and Dan Examinations in Calgary

Masamichi Shinohara (8th Dan, JKF Wado KAi Technical Committee member) visited from Japan to work with Canadian technical leaders Norma Foster,  Peter Stoddart, Barry Welch and  Neil Hudson  together with Desmond Bell from San Francisco, California, USA to provide two days of intensive training and a day of dan examinations. Over 50 enthusiastic participants travelled from

Technical Seminar and Dan Examinations in Calgary

What a joy! After two years with special restrictions, we are excited to announce that our club will host a Wado-kai Technical Seminar and Dan Examination in May 2022. We will have the honor and pleasure to train with Sensei M. Shinohara (8th Dan JKF Wado-Kai and 1st Kyu Examiner), Sensei N. Foster (7th Dan

A comment on NAWC from Bob Mooney

I enjoyed the entire event; the technical seminars were very good having the right mixture of serious technical work mixed with good humour and a lot of laughter. While not a big fan of tournaments in general, this one was by far the most enjoyable; this may be due to it being a ‘Wado’ only

Ottawa CZWKA technical seminar Announced

Ippon Wado Karate (Ottawa) is proud to present a karate seminar with guest instructor Peter Stoddart, 6th Dan on Saturday, February 15 and Sunday, February 16 in the gym at François Dupuis Recreation Centre (please see attached poster for details and participation fees). In order for everyone to take advantage of the early-bird discount, you

A note on attending the 2019 NAWC from Cathy Richie at Bushido (Brantford)

Four people from Brantford Bushido attended the 1st North American Wado Kai Invitational Championships held in Vancouver August 2 to 4th. At this event the 4 attending members participated in both training sessions on Friday August 2nd. On Saturday Aug 3rd, three members participated in training during the morning and another member participated in a

A note from CZKWA president Norma Foster

Hi all: I am happy to say that despite the late arrival of our guests and other potential misfortunes, the North American Wado Kai Invitational event was well received overall. Participants from Ireland and USA provided very positive feedback about our first attempt at such an event and promise to return next year accompanied by

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