Dan exams from 1st to 5th dan plus a 3rd kyu instructor’s !

On Line registration available

This new North American Wado Kai Championships is to be an exciting annual Wado Kai learning and competition event not just for North American branch members to participate in, but for any JKF Wado Kai member worldwide. The goal is to elevate the Wado Kai style with seminars, dan exams and a tournament that any Wado Kai club can enthusiastically promote.Vancouver, BC Canada was chosen due to being a world class destination city with a major international airport, and it has several local Wado Kai clubs. Early August was also chosen since summer weather makes travel easier and August is typically a vacation season.

The JKF Wado Kai head office in Tokyo has confirmed 3 senior Japanese instructors, who are members of the Central Technical Committee, are coming to run seminars and a dan exams from 1st to 5th dan plus a 3rd kyu instructor’s exam. They will be supported by several senior overseas instructors. Online registration is from February 1 to July 1, 2019.Ideally we hope to see Wado Kai members & their club teams from across North America interact, train & compete with other club teams from around the globe.This new championships was founded by;

  • Richard Mosdell: Kenzen Sports Karate chief instructor & Canada Wado Kai Technical Committee member
  • Nick Smith: Kenzen Sports Karate club manager
  • Peter Stoddart: Hollyburn Karate Club chief instructor & Canada Wado Kai Technical Committee member
  • Norma Foster: Canada Wado Kai (CZ) president & Technical Committee chair

We kindly recognize the amazing sponsorship of the host venue, the Hollyburn Country Club!The Championships is also receiving fantastic support from the official Canada Wado Kai Association (CZ), and its board of directors.The organizing committee are kindly asking for assistance from our club members and our style associations since we hope the 1st Annual North American Wado Kai Karate Invitational Championships can become a positive and friendly destination event for our JKF Wado Kai tribe in a world expanding with more martial arts.

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