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ASHIBARAI – Foot sweep made by sweeping the opponent’s foot out from under him.
FUMIKOMIGERI – Stamping kick made downwards with the side or heel of the foot.
HIZAGERI – Forward knee strike.
HIZAMAWASHIGERI – Roundhouse knee strike.
KINGERI – Groin kick made with the top of the foot.
MAEGERI – Front kick made with the ball, heel, or toe tips of the foot.
MAETOBIGERI – Flying or jumping front kick.
MAWASHIGERI – Roundhouse kick made with the ball or instep of the foot.
MIKAZUKIGERI – Crescent kick made from the outside to the inside using the sole of the foot.
NAMIGAESHI – Returning wave kick made by bringing the foot upwards and inwards striking with the sole or side of the foot as found in Naihanchi kata.
SOTO MIKAZUKIGERI – Outside crescent kick using the side of the foot moving from inside to outside.
USHIROGERI – Back kick made backwards using the heel of the foot.
USHIROKINGERI – Backward groin kick made by bringing the heel upward.
YOKOGERI – Side kick made to the side using the side of the foot.