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Sensei: George Papadopoulos ( Guseikai Calgary is a non-profit karate club and it teaches the traditional style of Wado Ryu.  Guseikai Calgary is the only karate club located in the South-West of Calgary that is registered with the Canadian ZenKuRen Wado Karate Association (CZWKA), a member of the Japan Karate Federation (JKF) Wado Kai.  We are also members of Karate Alberta (the only governing body for amateur karate that is recognized by the Alberta Government) and Karate Canada.  The CZWKA is affiliated to the JKF Wado Kai which is located in Tokyo, Japan.  The Japan Karate Federation is the only organization recognized by the Japanese government to represent karate in Japan.  The CZWKA, under the leadership by Sensei Norma Foster (7th Dan), is the only official Wado-Kai group recognized in Canada. Our instructors have a vast amount of knowledge and experience teaching karate to people of all ages.  We have a wide range of classes from teaching our little dragons (4 to 6 years old) to youths (7 to 12 years old), teens, adults/parents.  Our instructors are NCCP certified and First Aid/CPR certified. Location: Altadore Community River Park Church 3818 14A Street SW Calgary, Alberta Website address:


Buddhist Sutra

  • Time passes quickly during youth.
  • Age progresses unnoticed.
  • Knowledge and learning are not accomplished at the same rate so do not waste time.
  • The dreams of youth, like new grass growing on the edge of a pond, must be fulfilled while fresh in the heart.
  • The autumn wind blows a big begonia away from the stoop, creating melancholy sounds.
  • Live for the moment, seize the opportunity; do not let chance pass you by…

The name Guseikai was created by the late Mr. Eiichi Eriguchi, the former Chairman and President of JKF Wadokai. He was inspired by an idea derived from one of the Buddhist scriptures. The first Guseikai dojo was established by Dr Hideho Takagi in Tokyo, Japan, followed by Bob Nash in Berkeley, California and Norma Foster in Vancouver, Canada. GU = serendipity, fortuituous circumstance, chance occurance SEI = becoming KAI = association The experience of Karate ought to be enjoyable.  It should be about growing and confronting one’s limitations; but it should always be done in a spirit filled with fun and enthusiasm. You must have the courage to examine your life and also have the ability to laugh at yourself. Life is too short to waste away in dread and fear. Live life to the fullest, enthusiastically and with a sense of wonderment. The trick is learning how to smile….. We are a group of people who met by fate, chance, serendipity…. Guseikai is a top Wado organization that is directly affiliated with the JKF-Wado Kai : Japanese Karate-do Federation Wado Kai, the governing body for Wado Kai Karate. Chief Instructors, Sensei Bob Nash and Sensei Norma Foster are 7th Degree Black Belts through the JKF-Wado Kai line. Among a few select others they are respectfully recognized in N. America, Europe, Oceania and Australasia as top Wado Kai practitioners and teachers.  Sensei Foster & Sensei Nash have both studied with Dr. Hideho Takagi Sensei, 8th Dan Black Belt JKF-Wado Kai, who opened the first Guseikai dojo in Tokyo, and with Mr Toru Arakawa 9th Dan Black Belt JKF-Wado Kai  the Technical Advisor to the Wado Kai in Japan. Guseikai compares to University while your local martial arts school may compare to Junior College. The standards are very  high and instruction can be very intense.  This is not to undermine other martial art schools in the area, it simply means that obtaining a Wado Kai Black Belt will be very challenging, yet once you achieve it significant doors tend to open.  For example, students may have the opportunity to train in Tokyo and compete in the Wado Kai World Championships. Any student that qualifies to test for their Shodan, 1st Degree Black Belt, if they pass, will be recognized in Japan through the JKF-Wado Kai. Their certificate will be signed by the current president of the JKF-Wado Kai and carry an official stamp that is recorded on the certificate and in a “book of Black Belts” to certify one’s Dan rank.  The pass rate for Dan examinations in Guseikai is approximately 50% meaning only half of all participants will usually pass any examination.  “It is easier to be world champion in kumite than it is to be world champion in kihon…there is no luck involved in kihon performance”. – Dr. Hideho Takagi