Section No. 1.00: GOVERNANCE

Policy No. 1.02: Policy Manual

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Approval Date: June 2020



CZWKA will maintain a Policy and Procedures Manual that codifies the policies and procedures of CZWKA and is accessible, readable and amendable to all members.


Approval/Amendment Process

CZWKA members can suggest new policies/procedures and/or revisions to the Policy and Procedures Manual by presenting them in writing to the Board of Directors.

Any knowledgeable person within the organization can propose new policies, procedural guidelines or amendments to existing policy and/or procedural guidelines. Changes will be approved by the President and presented to the Board of Directors as part of the annual review.

The Secretary is responsible to ensure that manuals and electronic files of policies and procedures are updated and that President is knowledgeable about amendments to the manual

Policy Review Process

All policies and procedures will be reviewed as required and at least annually by the President to ensure validity, applicability and relevance. Policies, procedures and appendices will be available to all members on the CZWKA website.

Temporary or Intermediate Policies

Situations may arise that will require the immediate issuance of a policy and/or procedures to address exigent circumstances.

Upon receipt of such directions the responsible party receiving these directions will consider them “temporary” and will collate them in one file, exclusive to that purpose pending resolution of the situation.

Should the situation be resolved in the short term, and the directions rescinded by the issuing authority, the directions will be removed from the “Temporary Policies” file (or from the manual itself) leaving the policy and/or procedural guidelines in the manual unchanged.

Should the circumstances of the situation warrant a change to existing policy and/or procedural guidelines, the temporary policy will remain on file, in effect at the discretion of the issuing authority, while the proposed changes are in the process of approval.

Responsibility of: Board President

Monitored by: CZWKA Board of Directors