Section No. 2.00: ORGANIZATIONAL

Policy No. 2.01: Mandate

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Approval Date: June 2020



CZWKA is a non-for-profit society registered with Corporations Canada by Letters Patent (1998) and governed by its constitution, by-laws policies and the Societies Act.


CZWKA is the national governing body for Wado Kai Karate in Canada registered with the federal government. It is responsible for the growth, development and preservation of Wado Karate style across Canada. CZWKA is an association that is recognized by Karate Canada, the national sport governing body for Karate approved by the Canadian Olympic Committee, the World Karate Federation and the government of Canada

CZWKA is directed by a volunteer Board of Directors and supported by volunteer standing committees. The model of governance adopted by CZWKA is a Policy board.


  • To maintain the organizational status, authority and areas of responsibility,
  • To conduct strategic planning to provide vision and overall leadership to enhance the prosperity and long-term viability of CZWKA,
  • To monitor and evaluate strategic goals and objectives with respect to outcomes,
  • To continuously monitor and make decisions based on the content of the by-laws policies, systems and practices to ensure that they meet the needs of the organization,
  • To establish mechanisms to engage members with the goal of enhancing the prosperity and long-term viability of the organization
  • To facilitate effective and timely communication among the Board, members and stakeholders

Governance Style

The Board of Directors will:

  • Set policy and procedures for the effective operation of CZWKA, mindful of the CZWKA vision, mandate and the current strategic plan
  • Cultivate a sense of group responsibility for excellence in governing
  • Focus on strategic planning to achieve its goals
  • Implement and review strategies to further the goals and objectives of the strategic plan
  • Gather information from the members and other stakeholders to further the goals and objectives of the organization
  • Establish operating procedures to reinforce attendance at its own meetings, preparation for meetings, policy-making principles, respect of roles, and ensure the continuance of governance capability
  • Provide an orientation for new members to the governance process of the Board of Directors and ensure periodic evaluation for process improvement
  • Monitor and evaluate outcomes of strategic directions on a quarterly basis


The Board of Directors will conduct and document an annual review of policy and procedures. Quarterly written progress reports of the strategic plan will be shared with the membership. Meeting minutes will document all Board of Director decisions. Committee reports will be written and shared with the membership. An annual professional financial review will be conducted.

Responsibility of: President

Monitored by: Board of Directors

References: Societies Act of British Columbia

Policy: 3.04 Code of Ethical Conduct

Appendix: 3.04 Code of Ethical Conduct Agreement