Section No. 2.00: ORGANIZATIONAL

Policy No. 2.09: Volunteers

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Approval Date: June 2020



CZWKA involves volunteers to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization and to operate activities and events.


As a volunteer-based organization, every effort will be made to recruit volunteers with a wide range of skills and experience.

Volunteers are accountable to the CZWKA Policies and Procedures and established standards of professional conduct. Volunteers will be required to sign a Code of Ethical Conduct.

Volunteers will be provided with an orientation and clear directions as to their responsibilities. They will be assigned a designated supervisor. Volunteers working with children and youth will require a completed Criminal Records Check. The cost associated with obtaining a Criminal Records Check will be the responsibility of the instructors.

If any concerns are raised regarding the performance or suitability of a volunteer for a specific task, the designated supervisor will dismiss the volunteer from duties.

Responsibility of: Designated Volunteer Supervisor

Monitored by: Board of Directors


Policy: 3.04 Code of Ethical Conduct

3.05 Criminal Records Check

Appendix: 3.04 Code of Ethical Conduct Agreement