Section No. 3.00: MEMBERSHIP

Policy No: 3.05: Criminal Records Check

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Approval Date: June 2020



All instructors of Canadian Zenkuren Wado Karate Association (CZWKA) will undergo a thorough vulnerable sector, background and criminal records search by an authorized organization.

The Membership Director or designate, will review the information and will keep the information confidential.


CZWKA registered karate instructors, including assistant instructors, over the age of 16, are required to complete criminal records and vulnerable sector checks to operate under this organization. This will be at the expense of the instructors.

In the event that an instructor becomes involved in a criminal investigation, the instructor will be required to immediately notify the Membership Director in writing. The Director will inform the Board of Directors which will decide the eligibility of the instructors to continue teaching at a CZWKA registered club.

The Membership Director may view/ modify all club instructors and view the status of the police checks. The Membership Director will apply the following criteria to determine the employment eligibility of the prospective instructor where a criminal record exists:

Physical/Sexual Assault/Abuse

Any record of physical violence, sexual abuse/assault or offences relating to pornography is grounds for expulsion from CZWKA.

Other Records

Other criminal records will be assessed as grounds for rejection using the following criteria:

  • The number and type of charges, convictions and diversions.
  • The length of time between past and present criminal activity.
  • The age and circumstances of the perpetrator at the time of the offence.
  • The conduct and circumstances of the perpetrator since the offence.
  • The likelihood of the perpetrator repeating the offence.

New Clubs

All Chief Instructors must complete and submit Criminal Records Checks and Vulnerable Sector Checks to the Membership Director prior to membership registration.


Martial members will notify instructors at 90 days and again at 30 days before the expiry of their police checks.

Criminal record checks will be renewed by all instructors every three years and/or in accordance with their provincial legislation stated under the Criminal Records Review Act. All criminal record checks conducted by a local police detachment must be completed every three years. This check should include criminal convictions, outstanding criminal charges, conditional or absolute discharges and information located on police computer systems.

Original and completed criminal and vulnerable sector records checks will be sent to the Membership Director electronically or by mail with receipt of payment if a fee is charged. Only the date of completed records checks will be documented on Martial Member to protect confidentiality.

Responsibility of: All Member Instructors

Monitored by: Membership Director



Appendix: Provincial Legislation

Consent for Criminal Record Check Form